Youngin Sa / 史永仁


•Seoul, Korea  /  Providece RI, U.S 


Seoul National University  —Seoul, Korea  —2/2008-2/2013

         B.F.A. of Fine Arts in Sculpture, B.F.A. of Fine Arts in Media Art
         _degree conferred 2/2013

Rhode Island School of Design  —Providence, RI  —9/2017-present

        Digital + Media, M.F.A.
        _enterance of 1 year Fellowship and Assistantship


MIT Hacking Arts Hackathon 2017            —Cambridge, MA        
         — selected Applicant   — 11-12, Nov/ 2017

apexart's Open Call 2018 jury            —NewYork, NY   
        — Participate as a juroy   — 5-30, Nov/ 2017
        • review and vote on submission as selected jury via online

Media art project by collaboration of the department of Art and Engineering            
         — Seoul, Korea
         — Research Assistant   — 6/2015-11/2016
          • Participated in the project “Development of Medical High-pressure Jet Laser -
             Ways to Treat Dental Pain and Create a New Form of Media Art”
          • Exhibition held in April 2017, Seoul National University

Seoul Art High School            —Seoul, Korea
            — Art teacher   — 2/2016-3/2017
             • Teach class of sculpture, introduction for contemporary art history and
                art exhibition

Human Rights Center            — Seoul, Korea  
            — organization of Seoul National University      
            — Designer, Researcher  —3/2013-2/2015
            • Designed several advertisements for center activites
            • Performed archive research for event reports for the university

Seoul Arts Center             — Seoul, Korea
            — Teaching Assistant  — 2/2013-12/2015
            • Assistance for “Media Art Party” class and “Contemporary Art” class

Kyujanggak             —Seoul, Korea 
            — Docent in Korean and English 3/2014-8/2014
            • Served as an educational docent for the archive of Kyujanggak
                to a public audience in Korean and English
            • Chosen as a excellent docent of the term

TA (Teaching Assistant)             —Seoul, Korea
            — Lecture Research Support 8/2014-3/2015
            • Worked as a TA for Professor Moon Joo at Seoul National University
            • Participated in Exhibition and artwork sale for fund-raising of Seoul National                      

National Museum of Contemporary Art             —Seoul, Korea
            — Performer 6/2012-8/2012
            • Engaged in performances with dancers and other art students at
                 work by Simon Forti <Huddle> and <Hangers> - Gallery 1, at unspecied time


 < Fluorescent Map >             —  Gran-off Center, Brown University, Providence, RI                        
      Selected from Open call,  Currated by Emma Boast, 2018

< Displays of Affection >             — Cyberart Gallery, Boston, MA         
        Selected Groupe Exhibition, 2018

< Ceaseless Softness >             — Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI
         Groupe Exhibition RISD Digital + Media Biennial, 2017

< Everyday Okay >             — space four,one,three, Korea
         Groupe Exhibition Funded by SFAC, 2017

< a little rain and sunlight, Coordinates of coincidence >             Gallery 17717, Korea
         Solo Exhibition Funded by SFAC, 2017

< out of order : HOPE >             BOKDO gallery, Korea
        Solo Exhibition with Curator Taegu-Park, 2016

< 5days of Tuesday >             Project space Vanziha, Korea
        Solo Exhibition, 2016

不幸自慢 / Pride in Misfortune>             — gallery WOOSUK, Korea
        Solo Exhibition, 2016

< Open Studio >                 — Sejong Office room 817, Korea
        Group Exhibition, 2016

< 3030 _ 5th EXODUS >             — Palais de Seoul, Korea
        Group Exhibition, 2014

< LINE >                 — SeMA Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
        Group Exhibition, 2012


Beginners Project Award
        — Selected as Emerging Artist by National Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture with     
            fund for Solo Exhibition, 2016

Preview Award - Media Art
        — Selected from Degree Show at Seoul National University with prize, 2012

Brighton Award - Sculpture
        — Selected from Degree Show at Seoul National University with prize by Brighton
            University in UK, 2011


Computer Skills : MAYA, Photoshop, Illustrator, Arduino, Processing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
                           MS products, Google Docs

Tools : Proficient at Casting, Wood skills, basic power tools, Physical Computing

Language : Proficient in Korean and English

Youngin Sa & DW