Seoul, Korea  /  Providece RI, U.S 


Seoul National University  —Seoul, Korea  —2/2008-2/2013
        B.F.A. of Fine Arts in Sculpture
        B.F.A. of Fine Arts in Media Art
         _degree conferred 2/2013

Rhode Island School of Design  —Providence, RI  —9/2017-present
        M.F.A. of Digital + Media
        _enterance of Fellowship and Assistantship


    Studio KURA, Fukuoka, Japan
    2018 Currated by Katsura Ishikawa

< Fluorescent Map >
    Gran-off Center, Brown University, Providence, RI
    Selected from Open call,  Currated by Emma Boast, 2018

< Displays of Affection >            
    Cyberart Gallery, Boston, MA
    Selected Groupe Exhibition, 2018

< Ceaseless Softness >
    Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI
    Groupe Exhibition RISD Digital + Media Biennial, 2017

< Everyday Okay >
    space four,one,three, Korea
    Groupe Exhibition Funded by SFAC, 2017

< a little rain and sunlight, Coordinates of coincidence >
    Gallery 17717, Korea
    Solo Exhibition Funded by SFAC, 2017

< out of order : HOPE >
    BOKDO gallery, Korea
    Solo Exhibition with Curator Taegu-Park, 2016

< 5days of Tuesday >
    Project space Vanziha, Korea
    Solo Exhibition, 2016

不幸自慢 / Pride in Misfortune>
    gallery WOOSUK, Korea
    Solo Exhibition, 2016


< Open Studio >
    Sejong Office room 817, Korea
    Group Exhibition, 2016

< 3030 _ 5th EXODUS >
    Palais de Seoul, Korea
    Group Exhibition, 2014

< LINE >
    SeMA Gyeonghuigung of Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
    Group Exhibition, 2012


MIT Hacking Arts Hackathon 2017
 Cambridge, MA, 11-12, Nov/ 2017
 selected Applicant   

apexart's Open Call 2018 jury
 NewYork, NY, 5-30, Nov/ 2017
 Participate as a juroy
 review and vote on submission as selected jury via online

Media art project by collaboration of the department of Art and Engineering
 Seoul, Korea, 6/2015-11/2016
 Research Assistant
 Participated in the project “Development of Medical High-pressure Jet Laser -
Ways to Treat Dental Pain and Create a New Form of Media Art”

Seoul Art High School
 Seoul, Korea, 2/2016-3/2017
 Art teacher
 Teach class of sculpture, introduction for contemporary art history and art exhibition

Human Rights Center
 Seoul, Korea, 3/2013-2/2015
 organization of Seoul National University
 Designer, Researcher
 Designed several advertisements for center activites
 Performed archive research for event reports for the university

Seoul Arts Center
 Seoul, Korea, 2/2013-12/2015
 Teaching Assistant
 Assistance for “Media Art Party” class and “Contemporary Art” class

 Seoul, Korea, 3/2014-8/2014
 Docent in Korean and English
 Served as an educational docent for the archive of Kyujanggak to a public audience in Korean and English
 Chosen as a excellent docent of the term

TA (Teaching Assistant)
 Seoul, Korea, 8/2014-3/2015
 Lecture Research Support
 Worked as a TA for Professor Moon Joo at Seoul National University
 Participated in Exhibition and artwork sale for fund-raising of Seoul National University

National Museum of Contemporary Art
 Seoul, Korea, 6/2012-8/2012
 Engaged in performances with dancers and other art students at work by Simon Forti <Huddle> and <Hangers>
 Gallery 1, at unspecied time


Studio KURA Artist Residency
        — Japan Fukuoka, June, 3 - 30, 2018

Graduate Project Grant Fellowship
        — Selected for participating residency program in Japan Studio KURA from
             Rhode Island School of Design , 2018 

Material Fund
        — Received found for art work & exhibition from Rhode Island School of Design, 2018

Beginners Project Award
        — Selected as Emerging Artist by National Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture with     
            fund for Solo Exhibition, 2016

Preview Award - Media Art
        — Selected from Degree Show at Seoul National University with prize, 2012

Brighton Award - Sculpture
        — Selected from Degree Show at Seoul National University with prize by Brighton
            University in UK, 2011


Computer Skills
MAYA, Photoshop, Illustrator, Arduino, Processing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MS products, Google Docs

Proficient at Casting, Wood skills, basic power tools, Physical Computing

Proficient in Korean and English