This project is based on the incident occurred in Korea, 2014. When ferry Sewol sank into the ocean in 2014 in South Korea, not the situation was fine, but at least I saw people alive, which was the only thing we hoped since everyone outside expected them to be rescued. All the police, Marines, people, and the whole social system was aware of the situation before Sewol sank into the ocean entirely, I thought there was a chance to fix this disaster. The thing I remember at that time is the surrealistic feelings and certain words repeated among narrations such as Air Pocket. Though a number of survivors did not count on more from a certain point, stayed the same, still, all of the television channels were broadcasting about the possibility of survival based on the air pocket. TV screen was describing what air pocket is by using various CG images and 3D rendered videos. It last about more than 5 to 8 hours with same footage kept playing, which was the time none of the progress on rescue was achieved. And the last count of survivors I saw at the beginning of the sink was all.

AIRPocket : Air pocket usually refers to air condition during flight or turbulence which literally means ‘air pocket’. But in this installation, Air pocket was pointing out a specific condition where a boat or ship would sink into the ocean drastically. According to the broadcast by the government of Korea, there was a possibility of the existence of air pocket among the drawn ship which people could maintain their life. It turned out there was none of that, but still air pocket became a strong image of failed hope.


projecting the scenery viewed by surveilance camera
dimensions variable


Based on determining the concept of Airpocket as failed hope, I scattered the word ‘Airpocket’ in installation. I sepaetrated display area into two section. The first section was located in the hallway where the audience has to pass through in order to reach the actual exhibition area. Since the hallway was distinguished by walls from other section, the audience was only allowed to see the first installation and cannot view the second one at this place.
In the first installation, I dissembled term 'Airpocket' by scattering them by letter by letter. Each of printed letters was attached to the various area, such as wall and ceiling, in space. These letters were reflected by mirrors into the right order and the final scenery was captured by suveilance camera. As a result, the term 'Airpocket' was revealed in a readable way only in a video screen broadcasted by a surveillance camera. This video was projected in the second installation which was displayed in the exhibition area, therefore the audience could recall the letters from the first installation were realigned into word ‘Airpocket’.
Through this work, I wanted to reflect how things are unclear and out of order at the moment that it is hard to tell what is right or wrong even in the social system. From my perspective, in order to not repeat what happened, it was important to memorize what actually happened in the incident and how things went the wrong way.

airpocket_video_doc from Youngin Sah on Vimeo

Youngin Sa & DW